UnitedStatesSphereThe administrators, brokers and consultants at Global Exchange offer you our total- service one-stop-shop for your healthcare/insurance administrative services. We have positioned our company as the sensible outsourcing choice for employee benefits product design, marketing/distribution and operational administrative services – the A B C of operational efficiency – cost reduction – increased profits.

As Administrators, we offer comprehensive healthcare Third Party Administrative services, incorporating full managed care provided by US industry leaders in their various fields to ensure that our insureds, patients and employees enjoy the best care available at the most reasonable cost.

As Brokers, we capitalize on the product and market knowledge of our insurance professionals to bring together insurers, coinsurers and reinsurers to participate in various risk sharing arrangements. In addition, as agents and intermediaries we distribute the products and services of insurers, PPOs, IPAs and other suppliers of insurance and healthcare products.

As Consultants, we offer the in-depth technical knowledge (in health insurance and employee benefits products, practice and business development) of our exceptionally qualified and experienced professional underwriters, actuaries and management executives. They work with our corporate clients in developing, installing, assessing performance and offering management expertise on the various segments of their operations, and assist them in achieving stated or desired corporate objectives.