Domestic U.S. Products

FlagSphereIn the United States our major focus is in the provision of administrative services for corporate and governmental groups that are large enough to self-insure their employee benefit Plans.

Capitalizing on those factors that make it more advantageous for the groups to self-insure rather than purchase fully-insured Plans, Global Exchange will,

  • Work with our clients so they can make informed decisions about their benefit programs.
  • Review current benefits programs and offer cost effective alternatives
  • Assist the companies with the design and implementation of new programs.
  • Perform Third Party Administration services including:
    1. Preparation of Plan Documents and Booklets
    2. Claims Administration
    3. COBRA Administration
    4. ERISA Compliance Assistance
    5. HIPAA Administration
    6. Flexible Benefit/Cafeteria Plans
    7. Section 105 Reimbursements
    8. Prescription Card Benefits
    9. Medical Savings Accounts
    10. Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
    11. Negotiation of Stop-Loss Coverage
    12. Comprehensive Reporting System

With our highly efficient administrative capabilities, Global Exchange also offers Administrative Services Only (ASO) outsourcing services to insurance companies that take advantage of our efficient and low-cost systems to maximize the benefits of underwriting risk. Our outsourcing administrative services are also well-suited to provider organizations – PPOs and physicians Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) – to whom we offer our efficient systems in order to relieve physicians of the headaches of practice financial and data/information management so they can better concentrate on giving good medical care.

International Products

Experience is crucial to success in international insurance and global employee benefits management. For this reason, Global Exchange puts at the disposal of its multinational clientele our team of highly qualified and experienced international underwriters, actuaries, insurance executives and staffers who,

For Foreign Insurance Companies

  • Design, technically underwrite, market and administer employee benefit Plans.
  • Provide access to U.S. hospitals and physician networks including major Centers of Excellence, organ transplant, home health care and prescription drug networks.
  • Administer medical claims under our comprehensive managed care environment:
    1. Accurate, timely claims adjudication and payment with minimum turnaround.
    2. Multi-currency, electronic funds transfer to providers and claimants via the most sophisticated global cash management system available today.
    3. Access to Global Exchange’s system for direct on-line remote inquiry and processing by local staff for customer service and other operational information.
    4. Direct electronic interface between our system and local general ledger and/or other operating systems.
    5. Customized, on-time, detailed or condensed intelligible management reporting.

And for a moderate additional investment, Global Exchange will handle all local in-country claims on fully insured, Administrative Services Only (ASO) and self-funded Plans.

Foreign Students Health Insurance

Because our staffers have first-hand experience on the health security needs of foreign students, their parents and sponsors, we offer:

  • Comprehensive and security-based health care plans with generous benefits and high policy year and lifetime maximums at reasonable cost.
  • Nationwide (U.S.A.) hospital, physician and prescription drug networks.
  • Coverage that is effective at port of departure (prior to arrival in the United States) and,
  • Plans that are portable – because benefits are comprehensive, rich and yet affordable, they meet the health coverage requirements of U.S. universities.
  • Plans that meet all the stipulations of the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010).

These products are either:

  • Fully insured only by industry rated Foreign and U.S. insurers, or under
  • Coinsurance or reinsurance arrangements between the rated insurers and reputable insurers around the globe.
  • Plans that are self-funded by the students’ home government or other sponsor with access to Stop-Loss coverage provided by Global Exchange as needed.

No other foreign student health plan comes close in benefits and affordability.

Expatriate Workers/Foreign Ministries

At Global Exchange we are familiar with the needs of transnational employees of multinational corporations, humanitarian organizations worldwide and diplomats on foreign assignments and, therefore, provide and administer customized and portable medical, dental, vision, disability and related Plans for:

  • Transnational corporations in multi-country and multi-currency situations on unit experience-rated or multinational pooling basis.
  • Diplomats, representatives and other workers of countries and jurisdictions on foreign missions around the globe.
  • Third Country National (TCN) Plans for overseas employees of multinational corporations.
  • U.S. and other country nationals working as teachers and administrators in American International Schools, American Universities and International Research Institutions located abroad.
  • U.S. employees of religious, relief and other humanitarian organizations on overseas assignments.
  • International individual health care Plans for residents of foreign countries and frequent global travelers who need and request worldwide coverage, including access to U.S. hospital, physician, Centers of Excellence and organ transplant networks.

We have successfully combined extensive knowledge and experience in the design and administration of international health care Plans with access to U.S. managed care, and state-of-the-art e-business system interface capabilities, all in a one-stop-shop environment. This has earned for Global Exchange the designation of the employee benefits location – – Where e-Business Meets Global Managed Care.